Capsublex Health™ is branded in US by an independent company headquartered in North Carolina, USA, and a global supplier of quality nutritional supplements. All our products are manufactured in a US certified GMP facility. We are committed to providing the highest quality nutritional supplements to our global customers. Our active ingredients are herbal extracts, and we are proud to introduce to our customers, a variety of top quality herbal ingredients in a capsule dosage form. We verify that all active ingredients used in product development meet Capsublex Health™ product specifications before encapsulation.

Why Capsublex Health?

We assure that all our trade mark products are manufactured and branded in the USA, and our product innovation is driven by quality health. Every year, we are committed to adding a new product line, when requested by our independent distributors to meet the needs of our global customers. While our competitors are busy beautifying their product looks and advertising daily on TV and internet, we are busy innovating and extracting quality herbal ingredients, and encapsulating next generation herbal supplements, to meet our customers’ nutritional needs. “We always assure our customers; you are not buying our designed bottle and advertisement, rather you are buying our top of the line quality made in US nutritional supplement capsules inside the bottle.” If for any reason your priority is quality nutritional supplements, and you care about what goes into your mouth then Capsublex Health™ products should be your first brand of choice.