Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

In this privacy policy, we refer to ourselves as “we, our, Capsublex health, DIS Inc.”, which represent Deswill Integrated Services Inc. Your privacy information is an important information about you that we retain and our top priority to keep your privacy information private. The information stated below, includes the guidelines on how we collect and use privacy information.

  • Collection and use of personal information
  • Sharing your personal information
  • Special tools and advertisement
  • Security policy on personal information
  • Global transfer of personal information
  • Changes to our privacy policy
  • Contact us for your privacy concern

Collection and Use of Personal Information:

The personal information you choose to provide during registration or in connection to becoming an affiliate/distributor, independent contractor, contact information, promotion, sales agent, and or financial information is at will and not mandatory, except when stated on a written contract. We may choose to collect information about you from time to time when you visit/navigate our website. It is your duty to contact us regarding the use of your personal information when setting up any business transaction that has to do with our product and services.

We may use your information to answer any question/concern you may have regarding our brand, related product, healthcare information and business operation which you find appropriate. We will use your information to share any healthcare information related and unrelated to our product but for educational purposes. We may use your information to answer specific information upon your request when dealing with business associates/independent contractors. It is your duty to review the privacy policy of our associates/independent contractors upon our recommendation on how to use your personal information. From time to time, we may ask you to validate your personal information to better serve you. Should you find it difficult to access our website, it is your duty to contact us by phone, mail and any other service provider as listed on our website or written contract, to validate your access to our website regarding our product and services.

We may use your personal information upon contacting you in writing to review our product quality and for advertisement purposes, in other to better serve you and other customers. We may user your personal information to respond to any question relating to safety, adverse effect, and any other product concern from our customers or authorities.

Sharing Your Personal Information:

We may share your information with contract manufacturer, packaging companies, and other business entities as it relate to our current products or new product development. If we decide to sale our business/brand to another company we may transfer your personal information to the new company, and inform the new company to contact you for any new changes in privacy policy. We may ask our representative to contact you on our behalf to obtain more information from you regarding your request on a particular product or services. To comply with all local and federal law, we may decide without prior notice to you when applicable share any necessary personal information during court order, regulatory requirement, and legal process regarding our product information, business/services to our customer, affiliate/independent contractors, and other website visitors.

Special Tools and Advertisements:

We may use special internet technology known as “Internet tools” designed technologist and powered by our internet providers to collect your personal information and to send you special advertisement offers regarding our products and services. You may be required to use your personal information on internet tools to complete surveys and comment on your experience with our online services and product development. Pictures and other materials provided on this website for advertisement are designed/modified for educational purposes and we recommend that you read our FDA disclaimers on all products and services before making your final decision to use our product/services.

Security Policy on Personal Information:  

We try our best to make sure information you provide to us during and after business transaction are safeguarded. We also want to state that no security system online, office computers/devices, and paper documents can be perfectly secured without any breach, and as such we will not grantee your personal information from loss, theft, and unlawful access. We do recommend that you give as little as possible your privacy information when using our online resources and that of our affiliates. If for any reason your think your password has been compromised, it is your duty to reset your password immediately and notify us for such breach.

Global Transfer of Personal Information:

We are register to do business in the United States of America and our online service is accessible anywhere in the world and our good and services are made available to any business entity/individual, capable of establishing business transaction with a US company. Person Information you provide us is used to establish contact between you and Dis Inc. At your request we may provide your information to our affiliate to better serve you overseas. All private information are required to be in English language unless otherwise stated. Our website and products are represented in English language only.

Changes to Our Private Policy:

We reserve the right to make changes to our private policy at any time without notice to the users of our website, and is effective as soon as the changes are made, and it succeeds any prior privacy policy. We recommend that our customers, affiliates/independent contractors, sales agents notify us in writing if they have concern regarding any changes to our privacy changes. We may also notify our customers if changes in our privacy policy significantly affect our prior Privacy Policy.

Contact Us for Your Privacy concerns:

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