Our top priority when it comes to product development is to make sure we provide consumers with Quality Dietary Supplements. Deswill Integrated Services Inc. (DIS) is a registered company in the United States of America, and our top primacy is making sure healthcare information and Capsublex HealthTM products are delivered to our distributors, independent contractors, and customers on time and anywhere in the world at the time of need.

If you have a product in mind and looking for a way to develop the product, you are at the right place and at the right time, and we are here to provide you with experience and put your imagination to work. Here are steps we follow to make sure you invest in a product and brand name that enhances client investments:

  • We will set up a time to discuss your idea
  • We will take your idea to our professionals/formulators
  • We will come up with a formulation to meet your expectation/healthcare need
  • If you already have a formulation in mind “We Assure You Peace of Mind” we will put it to work
  • Here is the “Good News,” We will manufacture your product line under Capsublex HealthTM

Here are some other top quality concerns we review with our distributors before production of a new line of products under Capsubex HealthTM.

  • We make sure all ingredients to be used in manufacturing are at acceptable levels under US FDA guideline on food supplements ingredients and procured from approved suppliers.
  • We make sure all products are manufactured under FDA cGMP guidelines.
  • We monitor FDA health news on products in our pipeline, new ingredients, and new manufacturing technology, to make sure we keep abreast of latest news and the direction of the industry.

We are committed to manufacturing our products in an environment that is free of microbial activities, to make sure all products are manufactures under the following conditions:

  • Our products are branded, packaged and made in the USA
  • Our products ingredients are tested to ensure Quality Assurance in a US licensed laboratory
  • Our products comes with dietary supplement facts and may include proprietary blend of your choice.
  • Our products come packaged with inner cotton, to help prevent moisture and degradation
  • Our products have an inner seal for protection and may help maintain stability.
  • Our products also comes packaged with an outer seal to enhance product quality.

We welcome your business, and at Capsublex HealthTM were we put your imagination to work.