Capsublex Health™products are shipped from our headquarters in North Carolina
to any location within the US and worldwide. Our independent distributors ship
directly from their location within and outside the US.

Return Policy:

We take great pride in the quality of our products, and that is why we offer our
customers the best product and services. If our customers are not satisfied with
our products, Capsublex HealthTM offers one hundred percent (100%) money back
guarantee on purchases within one month of purchase (28 days). Only Capsublex
Health™ is ready to offer this deal.
Satisfaction guaranteed or money back, for US customers only:
Call, E-mail or fax us with your complain within 28 days of initial purchase as
shown on the sales receipt.
A sales representative will respond to your request within 48 hours of
complaint, and during our normal business operation, Monday through
Friday, 9:00Am – 5:00 pm Eastern Time. If request are made during
weekends, we will respond to your request on Monday morning.
We will direct you to our nearest drop off location with our sales return
mailing account number, to mail back our product and receive your money in
full as soon as we receive your returns.
If you purchase our brand from a distributor and want to return our product,
we assure you, “peace of mind,” and we will contact the distributor and
initiate a process of return. Remember it has to be within the first twenty
eight days. Again you do not lose money if you do not like our product.
Please read additional information on sales return as shown on the product
insert that comes with your purchase.
Due to custom delays, we do not offer money back guarantee or sales return
to our customers overseas.
If you are a customer within the US, buying Capsublex Health™ products to
ship overseas, we do not accept return on purchase after 28 days.
This is why we assure our customers that we are the best when it comes to
quality nutritional supplements.


We do not charge sales taxes on any purchases shipped out of state. If you live in
North Carolina, we will add sales taxes based on North Carolina sales taxes. If for
any reason sales tax is applicable during your purchase, it is our responsibility to
inform you before shipment and add it to your order.

United States Customers only:

Whenever we make a sale within the United States, our sales agent is required to
issue you a sales receipt and a business card with our brand name information, and
a special bar code for Capsublex HealthTM products. When you scan this bar code
with your smart phone, you should be able to connect to our website. The barcode
is part of our visual graphic quality control to all customers, indicating that our
product is coming from the right source, and give you more flexibility to read more
about our product online.

International Customers:

At Capsublex HealthTM, quality is our concern and we hold our affiliates overseas
accountable for any misrepresentation of our product line. We ask our customers
overseas to contact us with any questions and or concerns regarding our products.
We take pride when it comes to quality products, and we are currently working on
developing a special bar code for our international customers, which will help them
track Capsublex HealthTM products from their smart phones, to make sure they
are purchasing “a made in USA quality product”. Remember all Capsublex HealthTM
products are manufactured and branded in the United States of America, and ship
to our partners overseas.